What Can You Do With Lincoln Curls?
Many people don't realize the wonderful opportunities
that are open to you when you have raw Lincoln curls!  
We have needle felted balls to make curly sheep, felted
coasters, made craft scenes, and spun wool leaving the
tips of the curls sticking out.
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What's New With Our Wool Crafts?
We are shearing and skirting wool nearly year around.
With a flock of 40, it seems there is always someone
ready for a clip
. We have some lovely Lincoln and
LincolnFolk raw fleeces, roving, yarn, and locks available.
Contact us for more details.  

How to Felt a Flower
We were inspired to make Felt Flowers after we saw
someone doing something similar at a Solomon Farm
Fiber Festival.  We like to make these because even
though it is wet felting, water does not get everywhere.
-Green Pipe Cleaner
-A four and a half inch shallow lid (such as a yogurt lid)
-Enough wool roving to fill the lid
-Ziploc bag

1. Lay your roving in the lid, so it sticks up about
an inch

2. Get the roving wet enough so it isn't as fluffy
as before

3.Put a small amount of soap on the roving

4. Make sure the roving is wet enough (it should not
stick up at all), and fit it into the lid by pressing it
down.  Then put the lid with the roving into the Ziploc
bag, and seal the bag shut.  This way the water will
not get everywhere.

5. On the outside of the bag place one of your palms
on one side of the lid and the other palm on the
other side.  Then make little circles with your hands
while pressing hard to help the felting process.

6.Once you have rubbed it long enough for it to felt
well (the amount of time varies with the felting
properties of the wool- usually one minute or more),
remove it from the bag, and rinse (Note- while rinsing
is not necessary, it will lengthen the life of the wool
by removing the soap residue).

7. Roll it up in a towel and squeeze to remove
the water.

8. Fold it in half.

9. Start rolling at one corner and
keep rolling until you reach the
other corner.

10.Attach the pipe cleaner to the end by looping it
around the smaller end of the flower and twisting
(Note-if a leaf is wanted pinch and twist the middle
part of the pipe cleaner once it is attached to the

Happy Felting!!
Needle Felted Book
Sabrina had pictures of
our flock printed onto
fabric, and then needle
felted the wool book with
wool from our sheep.
Each picture is on a page
that was felted from the
wool from the same type
of sheep.    
Some fun looking Lincoln wool from
Chocolate spun with the tips of the
curls sticking out.
Here is a link to some fantastic looking Chocolate
spun by Lady of The Loom.
Lady of The Loom blog
Fun With
Triangle Loom Shawl Out of Galadriel's Wool
Sabrina made a triangle loom, then spun and dyed Galadriel's wool and used her loom
to weave this shawl. The shawl is light, but warm, and has a beautiful shine to it. The
flower in the picture is needle felted.
You can do all
kinds of things with
needle felting!
Sabrina needle
felted all of these-
Clockwise from top
left: a horse that is
made with wool
from Sweetie,
Coffee, Poppy, and
Coecoe and a pipe
cleaner base; three
fun wee aliens; a
needle felted panel,
based on the
picture of Jasmine
on the coin purse.