What's New
At the 2019 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, Jeanne took
Champion White Lincoln Ewe and Best White Lincoln Fleece,
Elsie took Reserve Champion White Lincoln Ewe, Connor
MacGregor took Reserve Champion White Lincoln Ram, and
Mabel took Best Black Lincoln Fleece. At the 2018 Indiana
State Fair Fleece Show, our fleeces were awarded
Champion and
a Reserve Champion. We have finished lambing
and weaning for this year, and are planning for putting the
ewes in with our rams again this fall. If you are interested in
purchasing some of our award winning stock, all natural lamb,
or lustrous wool, please contact us.   

Richert Ranch is proud to raise all natural lamb. This
means they are not injected with growth hormone,
antibiotics, or steroids. Lambs are currently available
for preorder. Contact us for more details.

About Our Flock
We raise White and Colored Lincoln Longwool sheep. Lincolns
are a heritage breed of sheep that originated in Lincolnshire,
England. The Lincolns are bred for their strong, lustrous wool
that grows at the fast rate of about one inch per month. They
are also very feed efficient, and will thrive on just pasture.
We are currently developing a new breed of sheep, which we
are calling LincolnFolk. These sheep are from the cross of a
Lincoln Longwool with a Suffolk. We have found they have
excellent qualities from both breeds. They are about the same
size as and are feed efficient like the Lincolns, but their lambs
grow faster than Lincoln lambs, closer to the fast rate of the
Suffolk lambs. Added bonus, their wool is luscious and spins
like a dream!        

Live Sheep
We only keep sheep that have come from mothers that
we think carry great genetics and are easy keepers, i.e.
iple births, good milk, motherly instinct, no lambing
difficulties. In other words, qualities that create the least
amount of human interference possible.  We also make
sure that the ram does not posses any unfavorable genes, and
look at both parents for conformation problems.
This year we had some
very nice (good temperaments,
beautiful  conformation and wool, nice growing, multiple births)
ram and ewe lambs out of our Lincoln and
LincolnFolk ewes. If anyone is looking for breeding ewes
or rams, or a good starter flock, these would be excellent

Our Lincolns provide us with beautiful wool. The staple is long,
the crimp is wide, and the luster is
fabulous! We have found
that this wool holds bright dyes and felts like a dream. Felting
is so quick and easy with Lincoln wool! Lincoln wool is also
great for art yarns due to its unique look and stunning luster.
The Lincoln curls are also great for crafts, and make lovely
Santa Beards and doll hair.
LincolnFolk wool is soft like the Suffolk wool, but it has the
shine of the Lincoln wool. It grows at a much faster rate than
the Suffolk wool, and it has a medium crimp. LincolnFolk wool
has a soft, silky feel, and is great for nearly any project.
We are currently selling wool ranging from fresh off the sheep
that is sold by the pound, to ounces of wool that
have been cleaned, dyed and carded.  Please contact
us if you are interested.
We are a part of the
Livestock Conservancy's 'Shave 'Em to
Save 'Em' Program- see www.livestockconservancy.org for
more details
All rights reserved.
Lambing Time
At lambing time with cute little lambs bouncing all over the place we always have some cute
pictures.  We wanted to share some from our present lambing time with you!
We have also found that our
Lincoln wool dyes fabulously.
What's For Sale?
If you are interested in buying some of our all natural lamb for the current market price,
some carded or uncarded dyed wool (from $2.50 to $5.00 an ounce), a fleece, or individual
pounds of raw or washed wool or please contact us for details.  We also sell live breeding
stock; price varies on animal.
Galadriel, a White Lincoln ewe,
who won Best White Fleece at the
National Junior Lincoln Show in
2012 and 2013.
At left is a close up look at S'more's, a
Lincolnfolk fleece, which won its class in the
Indiana State Fair Wool Show Another
S'more fleece was Reserve Champion
Overall Ewe Fleece at the Tennessee State
Fair.  Above are Bernadette's lustrous
Natural Colored Lincoln curls. The wool of
Precosia, a White Lincoln Ewe, is on the
Coecoe, a Natural Colored
Lincoln Longwool ewe. Coecoe's
name is spelled this way
because it stands for "
Cutest One
Ever, Cutest One Ever".
Clockwise from Below Right- Roxy, a
Lincoln lamb, poses; Precosia's 2018 Big
Boy; Precosia relaxes with her 2017
lamb; group nap time!
Above- One of Poppy's triplet ewes relaxes in her pen.
Bottom Right- "If I have to babysit, I better get paid!"
muttered Cutie Pie under her breath.
Top Right- Yoda snuggles in the straw.
One of Chocolate's Colored
Lincoln Longwool ewe
lambs, Jasmine, out in our
pasture.  We wanted to
share this heartwarming
picture with you. Jasmine's
sister, Shirley, won Best
Natural Colored Fleece at the
National Lincoln Junior Show
in 2010 and 2011, as well as
Reserve Champion Colored
Lincoln Ewe in 2010.   
Above Left- Sabrina and Pipa after winning Best White Lincoln
Fleece at the 2015 National Lincoln Junior Show.
Above Center- Eponine after she won Best White Lincoln Fleece
in the 2014 National Lincoln Junior Show.
Right- Joan and Alaina at the Michigan Fiber Festival, with the
ribbon that Joan won for being first place in her natural colored
longwool ewe lamb class. Joan went on to win Champion Natural
Colored Longwool Ewe at the Festival.
Marshmallow Jr., a LincolnFolk.
Left- Two of CoeCoe's triplets, Amelia and Mr.
Clueless, resting. They are Lincoln Longwools.