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At left is a
sketch that
made of a
set of
twins. The
picture at
the very
top of the
page is
Alaina and
with their
out in the
with Vlad
Above Left- A painting of a Lincoln, done by
Right- Cosette and her daughter, Eowyn,
relax after a big day.
Sabrina, Alaina, Galadriel, and
Cosette pose after their costume
class at the National Sheep Show
Above- Coecoe won the Natural Colored
Yearling Ewe class at the National Sheep
Show in 2010.
Left: Rosie and her friends relax after a hard
day at the National Lincoln Show in Louisville,
Bernadette relaxes with her
gorgeous ewe lamb.
Above- Alaina and Shirley pose after
Shirley won Best Natural Colored
Fleece and Reserve Champion
Natural Colored Ewe at the National
Junior Lincoln Show in 2010.
Some adorable little White Cochin and
White Crested Black Polish chicks!
Right: Eponine being nosy in the pasture.
Eponine won Best White Fleece in the
National Lincoln Junior Show in 2014.
Above Left- Tiger, one of our Dexter heifers,
watches the camera. Tiger is a miniature cow.
Right- Busted! One of our layers is caught
picking mulberries in the tree.
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